Underground Asset Location

If you are planning to dig around your property or between the street and your property- do not begin to do so until you have called us first to locate any underground cabling and other utility services. CED Electrical has the latest underground service locating technologies, these include radio detection equipment, vacuum pot holing that allow you to dig safely. Understanding all of the underground utilities and their locations is essential before you undertake tasks such as drilling, grading, digging or building. This ensures that you avoid damage, injury and high repair costs when completing works.

We have accredited plant locator (APL’s) technicians that can understand and interpret your underground plans as to where all of your hidden infrastructure is located.

We can locate:

  • pipelines
  • power
  • communication cables
  • energy outlets
  • plus, any other underground hazards

It’s important for you to dig a small pot-hole, using a hand-shovel or a Vacuum Potholing machine, or any other means of nondestructive digging, initially, as this will establish the exact location of your underground services. This should be done before any mechanical excavation is attempted. Once all underground utilities have been located a plan is created to dig safely to achieve your objective whilst completing it safely without any damage done.

Give us a call to coordinate your FREE dial before you dig plans- so that you can safely dig around your property and within safe distances from your underground utilities.