At Cobram Electrical and Data, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future. We install systems of any size from domestic to large commercial or industrial solar power systems. Installing a solar power system can help the home or business owner not only save money long term, but also to help our community to become more self-sufficient, so that we are not relying on traditional forms of power 100% of the time. If you’re wanting to get off the grid and get rid of those terrible power bills!

Each solar project that we undertake consist of the following inclusions:

  • We prefer LG Solar Panels as they capture and produce the most energy per panel than any other panel on the market currently.
  • We will organise your rebates plus all inspections so your solar will go live in a timely manner.
  • We will monitor your house over a three month period to find the best suited battery for your long term gain.
  • We will conduct a full feasibility study on your property to guide you to the most effective size solar product for your needs.
  • Educate you as to how to bridge the gap from night to day, where you can rely on solar as much as possible and to avoid higher tariff times.

Our qualified and highly experienced team of solar installers will help you to design the solar solution to suit your needs- together we can create a long term, safe solution for the future.

If you have an emergency issues with your solar- call us- we will respond quickly to your call- attend your property and diagnose and repair the issue as quickly as possible.