Our specialist team of industrial electricians and expert labour hire can design and build your project- no matter the size. Our ability to work with a range of stakeholders including builders, engineers and consultants, will ensure the most cost effective and long term sustainable solutions are agreed upon.

Our teams’ diligence will be your guarantee.

Our diverse range of specialities in the electrical fit out services for the industrial sector including the food and beverage, reflects our customer service guarantee that we can fully support you and your business.

Our Services Include

  • Creating and installing elements of automation to increase efficiency
  • Designing a process control and field wiring for production facilities
  • Design and install software engineering for automated conveyor systems
  • Factory fit outs
  • Installation of robotic and automated systems
  • Thermal imaging
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Installation of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for a range of assembly lines
  • Installation of distribution and final sub circuits
  • Manufacturing of specifically designed control panels and switchboards
  • Supply and installation of backup generators

Maintenance Programs

We will design a bespoke maintenance program to prevent breakdowns, maintain the efficiencies of your equipment and to ensure all manufacturing equipment from the control panels to the Process Control systems do not fail and are correctly calibrated to suit your industry needs. We rely on the latest technology and reliable components and parts to maintain the industrial sector. What we include in our maintenance programs:

  • All processer control systems and switchboard
  • Testing and tagging of all appliances, leads and equipment
  • WHS including exit and entry lighting
  • Create a trouble shooting program to your facility needs
  • General lighting and power
  • Thermal imaging inspections
  • All data and audio-visual equipment


Our team can create a fully automated business to suit your needs- from building management systems to designing efficient automatic processes to help your business reach the next level. We can lift your business with our innovative design and reliable components.

Solar Installation & Maintenance

If you would like your industrial business or building become more self sufficient and you want to save money long term- we will analyse your business and design the most effective solar power installation for your business (we use multiple technologies to save you money, not just when the sun is shining, overnight as well, so you get a 24 hour solution).

Emergency Breakdown

We want to keep your business moving as much as you do- so our fast response time will ensure your facility will be on downtime for a minimal amount of time. Call us any time of day- we will attend your business, assess the issue and create a long term solution that will prevent the issue from happening again.